Identifikimi i targave

Licence plate recognition system combine security and logistic

Identification medium is licence plate number and there is no need for other identification medium. System identify and analyze vehicle passages, dangerous transportation, suspicious vehicles and identify cargo (containers). Licence plate recognition system can be integrated into existing logistic system, connected with scales, video surveillance system, key management system, SAP and other systems in order to increase security, work process optimization and critical event management.

Licence plate recognition system application:
  • automation of logistics in businesses and industry
  • parking lot automation, 
  • (hotel parking lot, casinos, airports, industrial facilities , companies,…),
  • increasing effectiveness of logistics function in the city,
  • highway tolling,
  • identification and prevention of escapes at gas stations,
  • regulating traffic through the city center.

The results of licence plate recognition system with flexible software are:
  • logistics process optimization, 
  • decreasing inventory losses,
  • human factor elimination,
  • higher level of security,
  • full control over vehicle access into specific area,
  • identification of returnees, 
  • effective solution for parking problems,
  • reducing environmental burdens,
  • custom solution.

Licence plate recognition technology operates based on image data conversion from camera into character format that enables further processing in the system database. 

Image capture 
Vehicle image is captured with special camera for licence plate recognition (at day and night) and is not vulnerable to weather conditions. It is also possible to capture panoramic image or image of the driver. 

Recognition technology
Licence plate recognition system work  on OCR technology (optical character recognition) which is adapted to read licence plates. It can identify both one- and two-line plates. System brings 98,7% of recognition reliability despite external factors (damaged, dirty, faded or covered licence plates). 

Data processing
Recognized character string is entered into the database and it can be equipped with information like date and time of recognition, reliability, image, etc. Applications allows you to process this information, search, sort, manage parking and more.