Guidance systems for parking garages
Guidance system for parking garages with the help of parking detectors, indicators for parking spaces and LED displays allow better efficiency of vehicle flow, directly affect the users satisfaction while using parking lots and contribute to lower carbon footprint.

Efficiently planned and implemented parking system reduces the time required to search for a free parking space in the time of top occupancy up to 70%.

An advanced parking control system positively affects all participants in the parking lot. The system brings more loyal customers/users, which causes a higher value to the parking lot, optimal utilization, possibilities for detailed reporting on occupancy and reduction of exhaust emissions. It takes less time for the user/customer to search a free parking space, less stress, less fuel and an easier way to locate special parking spaces for diasbled people  and mothers with children. Parking control systems are no longer superior equipment, but necessary equipment to maintain a competitive position and maintain loyal users/customers. 

Characteristics of the solution

  • directing drivers to a free parking space in real- time by using LED routing tables and intermediate control points
  • a wide range of LED indicators
  • a wide range of LED displays for free places for different needs and environments
  • ultrasound vehicle detection
  • BUS technology to optimize cabling costs
  • parking system management through a dedicated SCADA application
  • activating dynamic arrows and flashing LED indicators for even faster navigation to a free parking space
  • saving electricity according to the schedule
  • unified SCADA to manage the occupancy of parking spaces, charging stations for electric vehicles, LED lighting and managing with CO ventilation

Efficiently planned and implemented parking system reduces the time, required to search for a free parking space in the time of top occupancy, up to 70%. In busy car parks it is very important to take care of the rotation of the parking places as soon as possible, which means change occupancy with another vehicle. In paid parking spaces this means more incomes. 


U Spot1


U flow


U Flag


U box


U Admin


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U Sun




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