Minibars are part of every modern hotel room.

Enrich standard hotel rooms with selected minibars. 

We can satisfy hotel management requirements with different types of minibar cooling and energy efficiency. Compressor minibars are designed to completely eliminate noise during guest absence in the room with time scheduled operation of the compressor. They are enabling an optimal balance between energy efficiency and cooling ability. Mostly used are absorption minibars which operate with heat compressor. Thermoelectric minibars have greater energy consumption because they use the Peltier technology principle.

Central minibar management give reception staff information about minibar openings, you can enable or disable use of minibar and obtain real time information about the temperature in the minibar. With all gathered information about minibar openings, the  housekeeping staff receive list of rooms in which minibar was opened and thus save time with managing refills, contribute to better stock management and monitoring minibar openings at guest check-out without physical room examination. Very useful function of the central management is right allocation of the use of minibars from the reception desk. So you could lock the minibar after guest check-out or you could lock the minibar in free room or even don't allow the use of minibars if guests required so - in case when there are staying in hotel room parent with young children or organizers of conference events that are covering only cost of living and in others specific cases.

  • Energy efficiency
  • standalone or built-in,
  • automatic defrosting,
  • interior lighting,
  • options:glass door, locker, open door detector, wheels
  • different models and sizes.


klasični mini bar


FlyingBar 1



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