Intelligent hotel room
Rooms are designed based on energy consumption optimization that is important part of costs structure and enables the highest level of guest comfort.

Establishing high level standard for the guest and efficient cost management. 

We strive to central control and management of access control and power consumers with intelligent room system. We manage and control cooling, heating, ventilation, lighting and access control. 

Intelligent room design: 

  • We enable the highest level of guest safety with real time on-line access control system. the system records every entry or attempt to entry into a room and at the same time records and alarms if the room is opened. Alarming is used in case if guest did not closed the door properly, at violent opening of the doors without a valid card and others exceptions which are determined together with the client. 
  • The recorded access control enables indirect control of hotel staff work. Access control system gives information about every day room check-up, time spent in individual room and other similar information. 
  • Thermal regulation of space is an important factor in optimizing operating costs. Intelligent system help you to activate the air conditioning device form remote location according to different criteria. In the summer the room is automatic cooled one hour before the guest arrival and in the winter it is heated. 
  • Activation of air conditioning device is only possible with inserting the card into a smart card holder. With detector of room occupancy we additionally checking absence of guests in room for optimal operation of air conditioning device. Open window detectors ensure an automatic switch-off of air conditioning if the window is open.
  • Intelligent room system enables regulation of air conditioning and ventilating device according to planned room occupancy. This is allowing to maintain a certain temperature in winter in the free rooms because of the temperature influence to the neighbouring room. 
  • SOS emergency call system in the bathroom is connected with on-line complete overview of the system at reception desk. 



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