Electronic hotel locking system
Access control to hotel rooms with electronic lockers.

High quality electronic lockers ensure simple application and reliable performance 

Electronic lockers record authorized entries in hotel rooms and unauthorized attempted entries. With advanced software solutions represent an indispensable element of modern hotel business. Each hotel card is coded so that allows opening of precise locks at precise time. 

Electronic hotel locking systems can be upgraded with access control systems for parking lots, area of public use (entrance at pool, gym, sauna and others common hotel facilities) with cashless payment, use of lockers etc. and create a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. 

Benefits for hotel administration

  • hotel reputation with high level of security,
  • reliable lockers with memory of who and when opened specific doors (off-line version),
  • on-line access control provides real time data at the reception desk,
  • easy and efficient guest registration and card issuing,
  • suitable for different hotel types and sizes,
  • easy installation and maintenance,
  • integration with others hotel solutions
  • wide range of colors and accessories enables compliance with hotel corporate image.

Benefits for guests 

  • safety
  • each guest has new key - card
  • on-line system enables immediate card revocation from the reception desk,
  • comfort: mechanical keys are replaced by cards,
  • function »Antipanic" (the lock also release a latch with pressing door handles from the inside),
  • function »Do not disturb« ensure full discretion of guests.



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