Company presentation
Our focus in last 25 years of operation was to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions which would solve their specific problems.

Building customer confidentiality with good business cases and customised solutions 

Tenzor has been successfully providing advance technical security services, maintenance of technical solutions in other low voltage solutions since 1993. 

In the last 16 years the company positioned it self on Slovenian market as an integrator of technical system, electrical installation and "one-stop-shop" for electrical installations. 

Our own R&D department and design department provide custom made high technological solutions and strategic place of the company.
Based on our years of experiences and knowledge we developed our own trade marks REMS (Retail Event Management System), iEMS (Industry Event Management System) and Callisto (advanced video surveillance systems and video detection).  
Our own brands are based on integration of individual systems into a comprehensive solutions of risk management, business optimization and increasing profits.

Advanced comprehensive solutions in planning and implementation of:
  • personal and property security systems
  • intelligent transport systems
  • building automation, central control system
  • hospitality/leisure management system
  • business intelligence and advanced technology solutions.  

Tenzor is licensed for planning and implementing security systems in accordance with ZZasV and certificate for planning and maintaining Ex-equipment.Therefor we can offer the highest level of comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our vision

Tenzor is creating safer and better future for clients, owners and employees with responsible and professional implementation of technical security solution service integration. The mission is based on following values:

  • customer satisfaction
  • employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • safety
  • confidentiality
  • inovativeness.

Tenzor development solutions:

  • fuel dispensing control system
  • thermal scanner - automatic safety inspection of heavy vehicles
  • automatic plate recognition system
  • people counting system
  • wrong way passage detection,  
  • Self serving station - lending machine for libraries
  • REMS platform (Retail Event Management System)
  • iEMS platform (Industry Event Management System)
  • remote locations control system
  • customized central control system 
  • interfaces for the integration of different security systems.



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